Barrydale Hospice | Geoffrey Carne Boulderson Story
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Geoffrey Carne Boulderson Story

Best described as a gentleman, Geoffrey Carne Boulderson was born in Kenya where his Father served in the Administration of the Colony.

Geoffrey and his brother were sent to School in Nairobi after the untimely death of their Mother. On the completion of his High School education, Geoffrey went to the United Kingdom where he studied engineering. This led to a career in the Merchant Navy and worldwide travel, and a fund of encounters and yarns about which he often spoke.

Geoffrey came to live in Cape Town, and this was followed by a move to Barrydale where he soon established himself as a village character. His eccentricities were amusing rather than irritating. Invited to dinner he was endlessly entertaining, a raconteur with a fund of stories, all of which should have been recorded.

After living in the village he moved to Lemoenshoek but he was often in the village and many will remember him in his wide brimmed white cloth hat and multi-coloured pants, which he wore with a certain panache.

Geoffrey was a “vegetarian” but he loved pork sausages, ham and crispy fried bacon!! He was an avid reader, enjoying the weekly “Spectator” which he was able to borrow on a regular basis. Following a drive up the Tradouw Pass, where he saw a family of dassies sunning themselves, Geoffrey announced that he had never seen such ENORMOUS GUINEA PIGS!

Geoffrey often spoke of the kindness and caring he was shown by his friends Richard Butt and Jean du Preez, neighbours in Lemoenshoek and Dr Des Fernandes and Matt, at Warmwaterberg.

Sadly Geoffrey succumbed to Cancer towards his 80th Birthday. During the last two years of his life he was cared for by the Staff of Barrydale Hospice, who attended to all his needs ensuring that he remained as comfortable as possible. In spite of his failing health he retained his sense of humour, always offering a ready smile and a gesture of gratitude to the Hospice Carers and to his friends for their ongoing care, support and kindness.

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